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ArmitageMontreal, Canada mp3 (128 Kb/s)59/1000
ArmitageMontreal, Canada aac+ (64 Kb/s)23/1000
RaychanFinland aac+ (64 Kb/s)UNAVAILABLE
RaychanFinland mp3 (128 Kb/s)UNAVAILABLE
InkognitoRussia mp3 (128 Kb/s)14/100
InkognitoRussia mp3 (128 Kb/s)2/100
RaychanFrance aac+ (64 Kb/s)UNAVAILABLE
RaychanFrance mp3 (128 Kb/s)UNAVAILABLE
SunBladeGermany mp3 (128 Kb/s)7/500
Hazumu-kunFlorida, USA mp3 (128 Kb/s)12/525

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