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Below are some of the more frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q) What do I need in order to listen to Armitage's Dimension Radio?

A) In order to listen to Armitage's Dimension Radio, you will need an audio player application that can handle MP3 or aacPlus streaming formats. For Windows PCs, Winamp 5 is recommended. For Mac, Windows and *nix variants, VLC player supports both MP3 and aacPlus formats. There is also a free player available for Android devices!


Q) What's aacPlus?

A) aacPlus is a new advanced streaming format that requires a significantly lower bitrate to provide the same quality music as traditional MP3. While MP3 was revolutionary at one time (10 years ago!). aacPlus represents a new evolution in audio encoding technology. With it, Armitunes will be able to support a much greater number of listeners without requiring any additional network bandwidth! ---

Q) When I click the Listen button, how come nothing happens?

A) Sometimes the association between a .PLS file and your MP3 player won't be correct. You can either fix this association, or manually enter the stream URL in the "Open Location" dialogue. One way to do this is to right click on the "Listen" button and "Save As". Open this file in a text editor and you will be able to see a list of all the servers that you can connect to. Also you may be able to open this file directly with your MP3 player.


Q) How can I contribute songs to A.D.?

A) New instructions on how to upload songs to A.D. will be added in the near future.


Q) What format/bitrate should I use for uploaded files?

A) MP3 format, 44.1kHz only, 128Kbit/sec stereo or higher. Constant bitrate only.


Q) Why do some songs play way too fast (chipmunks)?

A) These files were probably not encoded properly. Anything other than 44.1kHz sampling rate will cause this problem. Further, Variable Bitrate (VBR) encoded files will not play properly. Please report these songs to Armitage.


Q) I request a song and it doesn't play at all. Why?

A) The file is probably corrupt or an unfinished upload. There is a sticky thread in the Suggestions forum for Songs with Errors.


Q) I get the message "Illegal Request Method" when I try to request a song, but I see other requests in the queue. What's up?

A) There are a few things that may cause this. Often, the server is unable to receive a properly formatted HTTP 1.1 header from your client. This is either because you are using a non HTTP 1.1 compliant browser, are using a proxy or firewall that strips the headers, or have your security settings in the browser turned up too high. Further, if you are trying to request a song from a link on another site or a bookmark, it will fail. These rules are put in place to prevent spamming of the playlist.


Q) Why does the Chatterblock keeps repeating what I typed even though I only said it once?

A) If you are reloading/refreshing the page after submitting to the Chatterblock, you are reposting what you typed every time. Please click on the animated AD logo at the top of the page to refresh the main page.


Q) I signed up for an account but never received my password confirmation e-mail, why?

A) Some e-mail providers, most notably Hotmail and, actively drop all mail originating from our server. We have tried to get this ban lifted as we run a closed relay and have never sent any spam through our servers, however these email providers have been unresponsive to our requests. If you do not receive the message within a minute or two of signing up for an account, you may want to contact your mail provider and ask them why. Alternatively, you could sign up for a new account using a different email provider such as gmail.


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