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Topic Voters Poll Created bararrowup Open for Voting
Upgrade the encoder? 115 11/12 08:05PM No
What should we do with the request system? 202 08/11 11:08AM No
The new 200 song history request policy... 235 03/02 09:57AM No
If the AAC+ stream were to go away, would you care? 101 01/29 02:06PM No
Are you satisfied with the new request system (more variety, fewer repeats, etc.)? 108 11/23 12:55PM No
Keep the Crossfading Between Songs? 120 08/21 10:16AM No
Would you be more likely to use an AAC+ relay if it were at a higher bitrate (48kbit/sec)? 602 03/03 12:16PM No
Banner Contest: Vote for your favorite here! 231 06/23 09:24AM No
Should the top 10 user favorite songs be listed anonymously in the Top 10 page? 135 10/09 03:09PM No
Should ArmiTunes become an partner and link to CDs/DVDs related to songs in the playlist? Proceeds would go toward more relay slots and colocation for faster website speed, etc. We would not link to irrelevant products or vendors. 325 01/02 11:56AM No
The Top 10 list seems to cause more trouble than it's worth. Axe it? 364 08/31 02:43PM No
Life is Like a Boat? 320 07/25 05:10PM No
Should AD limit each user to 1 request instead of 2 at a time when the queue is over 5? Doing this would increase your ability to get your request in, but you'd have to wait longer to make a second request. 429 04/24 11:37AM No
Do you like the new page style? 644 03/08 05:02PM No
If you could buy your own dedicated listener slot for $4/month through a commercial provider, would you be interested? 769 11/29 09:33AM No
If A.D. started streaming in aacPlus instead of MP3, would you listen? 1,355 05/18 10:10AM No
How long have you been an ArmiTunes listener? 1,365 02/17 09:07AM No
Like the new Live Chat? 183 09/13 08:57PM No
Should be allowed on ArmiTunes? 412 08/05 01:47PM No
Overall, how stable is ArmiTunes? 433 06/23 03:35PM No
Have you ever bought an album you heard on A.D.? 216 05/24 10:18AM No
Should guests be banned from the chatterblock? 180 05/04 12:33PM No
How hard is it to get a song request in? 368 05/04 12:33PM No
Where do you live? 427 04/13 01:39PM No
Where did you find out about this site? 223 03/25 10:04AM No
How many hours a day do you listen to A.D.? 89 01/15 09:13AM No

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