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Peercasting and FTP

General NewsAs usual, Raychan has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has set up a new Peercasting stream for Armitage's Dimension! The stream is 128kbit MP3. The way Peercasting works is in order to listen in, you have to also relay at least one copy of the stream to another listener -- similar to how Bittorrent works.

You can grab the Peercast client (or plugin for Winamp) here!

You can listen to the Peercast here!

Also, in the week we've had the FTP server up, we've received 3GB of new contributions so we're going to have to shut it down again for the time being. Thanks to everyone for your support!

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New Songs, Songs with Errors and FTP

General NewsI have sorted and added all the new songs. You can request them here! As usual, please clear your browser's cache to make sure you have the latest playlist pages! Thanks to all our contributors!

All the errors spotted by listeners in the "Songs with Errors" thread on the forum have been fixed where possible. A new thread has been started for listing new songs with errors (screaching, skipping, etc.) Thanks everyone for your continued help!

I have re-enabled the FTP site for the time being as there is sufficient disk space now with the cleanup to continue expanding the station. No word on system upgrades yet but the time will come when ArmiTunes will get a new server. I'm still looking into possible colocation options as well.

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Loss of Pixelized's relay

General NewsMany of you may have noticed already but Pixelized's 40-slot mp3 relay has been shut down due to bandwidth cost issues. It's always a sad day when relays shut down, but A.D. will keep on trucking as usual.

We'd like to thank Pixelized for his help and also issue a call to anyone else who might be able to run a relay to please step up!

For those of you caught out without a slot, now might be a good time to try the aac+ streams -- if you have Winamp 5, you're already set. For Mac and *nix users, check out VLC (videolan client).

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New Relay and Songs!

General NewsBig thanks goes to user Sutiban who has offered up a new 20 user aac+ relay in Arizona! This relay runs on port 80, so if you're blocked behind a corporate firewall, you should still be able to tune in using Winamp 5! Click below to listen in!

Sutiban - Arizona, USA

Also I have added all the new songs. Sorry it took me so long. You can request them here! As usual, please clear your browser's cache to make sure you have the latest playlist pages! With this update we've broken the 20 thousand song mark! Thanks to everyone who contributed to help make this station such a success!

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