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New Songs!!!

General NewsIt's been a while since the last update so here you go -- the new songs are up! Thanks to everyone who contributed! You can request them right here.

Also, I have fixed the FTP server so you can create directories. Sorry about that, an upgrade to the software introduced that new problem.

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Server Upgrade Feb 22, 2010

General NewsJust a quick note that ArmiTunes will be down for a few hours today while the main server is updated/patched/etc. If all goes well, the downtime should be minimal. The website and music streams will be unavailable during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Update: The server has been updated and is back online. Please let me know if there are any new problems related to the update. Thanks!

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New Songs Are Up!!!

General NewsHere's a little holiday treat, the new songs are up! Thanks to everyone who contributed! You can request them right here. Have a happy and safe holiday season from your friends here are Armitunes radio!

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Updates and New Songs!!!

General NewsA few bits of news:

1) New songs have been added! The library is now over 34,000 tracks! As usual, big thanks go to all who contributed and helped to fix existing broken/incomplete albums! You can request the new tracks by clicking here!

2) I've put up a web-based radio tuner on the "Listen" page. It uses Flash 8. Give it a try and let me know if there are any problems using it.

3) I think we've resolved the reliability issues with the stream since the new server was put in place. There hasn't been an outage in a few weeks now!

I hope everyone is enjoying the tunes and thanks for your continued support!!!

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A Couple Updates

General NewsJust a few news items:

1) I've finished the updates to the new server so there shouldn't be any more reboots for the foreseeable future. Of course I just jinxed myself saying that...

2) I've changed the crossfade from 5 seconds to 2 seconds. Let's give this a try and see if it's any better. I plan to reset the poll and see if this changes any minds.

3) I'm working to improve the search function on the Request page. It no longer accepts PERL type regular expressions. Now it will search for each and every term you put in and rank the results based on the number of terms it found. I'm going to try and add some additional functionality (such as AND and "" operators). But it should be more useful now than it was before if you weren't a PERL expert ;)

4) I'm working on ways to increase the stability of the streams, and in particular the aac+. I know things have been problematic lately so thanks for bearing with us!

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Server Upgrade, Last Bit

General NewsSorry for the short notice but I'm going to finish the upgrades to the server tonight since listenership is down. It should only take an hour or so, but the streams will be offline during that time. I wanted to do it when it would affect the least number of people and tonight seems as good as any. Thanks!

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Server Upgrade Time! Updated! Today is the day!

General NewsYou've probably all noticed that the site has been running pretty slowly lately. When I upgraded the server a year and a half ago I thought it'd be good enough to support the number of users the site was seeing, but that number jumped quite a bit higher than expected. I've gone ahead and ordered (for the first time ever) all new hardware for the server. No more hand-me-downs from my outgoing desktop/game machine -- this new hardware will be more powerful than my PC. However, I will have to take the site offline, make a complete backup, and transfer the data to the new disk which will result in a couple hours of downtime later this week. I'll post more information once the hardware is here and tested.

Update 7/8/09 -- The new hardware has arrived! It's up and running now and I'm making preparations to load the server image onto it. I plan to perform the cutover on Friday, around noon. The site and all relays will be completely offline during this time. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the new server will be 2-3 times faster than the old one and also has 4 times the RAM so the database should haul when it's all done. Thanks!

Update 7/10/09 -- Today is the day! The site and all the streams will be going down in a few hours for upgrade. It will take several hours to complete. Thanks!

Update 7/10/09 #2 -- The backup of the music archive is taking a lot longer than I expected so the site will probably remain up till later in the afternoon. I don't expect this part to be finished before 2pm EST (GMT-5) so I'll leave the music playing until it's done. Thanks!

Update 7/10/09 #3 - The new server is online!!! I'm still applying patches to the new OS, so it'll have to be rebooted two more times over the course of the next few days, but I wanted to get things back up ASAP to make sure everything's working. Please report any unusual behavior if you see anything. Thanks!

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New Songs Added and New Relay!!!

General NewsUpdate! Armitunes member Duncane has set up a new 200 slot MP3 relay in Paris, France for your listening pleasure! If you see him around, thank him for helping contribute to the growth of the site. And while you're at it, spread the word -- we have lots of slots, now all we need are listeners to fill them. Thanks for your support!!!

The new uploads have been added to the playlist! As usual, you can view and request them right here. As always, a big thanks to everyone who contributed for sharing their favorite 'tunes with the group ;)

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New Relay Added!!!

General NewsBig thanks to user bigguy for offering up a new 50-slot MP3 relay in France! This brings us up to over 300 available slots! You can access his relay from the "Listen" menu option above or click below:

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New Songs Added!!!

General NewsThe new uploads have been added to the playlist! As usual, you can view and request them right here. Thanks to all our contributors who helped to fix the broken songs, incomplete albums and provided us with new tunes!

Don't forget, you can always make a Random !New! Song Request by clicking this link or from the "Request" page!

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