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New Relay!!!

General NewsI'm happy to announce that user SunBlade has graciously volunteered to set up a new 50 slot MP3 relay in Europe!!! It is now available via the "Listen" page!

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Problems with front page forum post block?

General NewsIf you have having problems displaying the front page because the forum posts block is all screwed up, please clear your browser cache and reload (or hold down the shift key while clicking the reload button) to get the updated style sheet. That should fix the problem for all browsers.

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Possible Site Outday due to Storm

General NewsAs a result of the impending Hurricane, it is quite likely that power will be lost here sometime during the next few days. While the server is on a UPS and can survive short outages, it is likely that a power loss during the storm could last several days if not longer. If the site goes out, I will make updates if possible on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

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General NewsJust a head's up, we will be upgrading the back-end of the site this coming weekend. It will involve converting the database, upgrading Geeklog and all of the plugins, etc. I expect it will take no more than 4 hours. During this time, the streams will remain up and a temporary page will be available. Thanks for your continued support and enjoy the tunes!

Update: the site upgrade is complete! Please let me know if you notice anything unusual or broken. Thanks!

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New Relays!!!

General NewsYou may have noticed that we've lost a few relays in the last couple months. To offset that, Raychan has graciously set up two new 100 slot relays for MP3 and AAC+ in France! I've also set up another 75 slot relay in the USA!

In other news, we've loosened up the restrictions for requesting songs a little bit due to problems with the new request parser. If you were put off before by the system, please give it another try!

Also, you may have noticed the "Demo Request Page" in the menu bar. This represents a new approach we're taking to convert the whole playlist, DJ, request system, etc. to a brand new database back-end. There's still a lot of development to be done but the benefits will be enormous!

Thanks for listening and enjoy the tunes!

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Site Outage

General NewsDue to severe storms last night our Internet connection was out. Everything should be working again now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks and enjoy the music!

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Stream Outage

General NewsThere was a server outage with our hosting provider this morning. Things should be returning to normal now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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New Tunes and other News

General NewsIt's time again for new songs, and like last time, you guys did a stupendous job with the contributions. File names, album arts, etc. perfect all around! A++ would do business with again!!!1!!!

You can request the new songs right here. And don't forget, you can always make an Instant Random New Request!

Also of interest... ArmiTunes is *almost* *sort of* *not really* a legitimate web radio station in that we get contacted several times a week by promoters for various indie records, many of which aren't in any way related to the genres we care about. The other day we got this. Exciting stuff!

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New MP3 Relay!!!

General NewsArmiTunes listener Sercio has graciously volunteered up a new relay server in Germany with 250 slots for your listening pleasure! Please take a moment to thank him for his help! You can now select the server from the "Listen" page!

Update: I also fixed the Flash player. Sorry it was broken for a few days!

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Primary MP3 Relay IP Address Changing!

General NewsHey all, just a quick note that our hosting provider will be moving servers around on Sunday the 25th. The IP address of our primary MP3 relay will be changing. This will require all other relays to be reconfigured by their respective owners so many of them will likely be down for a period of time following the changeover. The AAC+ relays should not be affected. The change is scheduled for 2200 GMT. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: The new relay is up and running. The link has been adjusted on the "Listen" page. If you have bookmarked/playlisted the old server, please make sure to update your link now!


Update 2: The switchover is complete. The old server will go down in the near future. If you use the Armitunes Android App, please update!

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