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New Music, New Server, and more!

General NewsFirst off: New Songs are up! We now have over 52,000 songs available for request! Thanks to everyone who contributed! This was probably the biggest batch I've ever seen :P

You can request the new songs right here. And don't forget, you can always make an Instant Random New Request!

Next up: We're moving to a new server soon. Keep up-to-date on the latest news in this thread!

In case you missed it: Hazumu-kun has set up a new ArmiTunes Minecraft server. Go check it out at and this thread!

UPDATE!!! The server cut-over will happen Saturday March 8th. The site and stream will be unavailable briefly during this period.

UPDATE 2!!! The site and stream have been cut over to the new machine. I still have to test a bunch of stuff and set a few more things but it's coming along!

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Merry Christmas!!!

General News
Merry Christmas to all from your friends at ArmiTunes!!!

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It's that time again: New Music!!!

General NewsAs requested, I have gone through and added the new uploads to the playlist. Big thanks to everyone who contributed; A.D. now has over *50,000* tracks available for request!

You can request the new songs right here. And don't forget, you can always make an Instant Random New Request!

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New Music!!!

General NewsMy apologies for taking so long, but I finally had time to go through the new uploads! As usual, all who contributed did an awesome job with naming, etc.!!! We now have *49,500* songs available for request!

You can request the new songs right here. And don't forget, you can always make an Instant Random New Request!

UPDATE: Long time member Hazumu-kun has generously set up a 300 slot MP3 relay in Florida for your listening enjoyment!!! Please take a moment to thank him for his support next time you get a chance. You can select the relay from the "Listen" link under the "Radio Controls" menu as usual.

UPDATE 2: The quick "Song Search" now uses the new style database search engine. As a bonus, it's now visible on all pages instead of just the home page!

UPDATE 3: I have totally rewritten the Favorites Song page. It now matches the style of the new Search/Request page and links into it seamlessly. All of the old functionality should be retained but you can now sort how you want it. You can also access your Favorites now from any part of the site under the "Radio Controls" menu pull-down. Let me know if anything doesn't work right!

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New MP3 Relay in France!

General NewsArmiTunes member Sercio who previously ran a relay in Germany has just set up a new 100-slot MP3 relay in France for your listening enjoyment! Please take a minute to thank him if you see him. You can access the new relay from the "Listen" page!

Update: Sercio has stood up a second 100-slot MP3 relay in Hong Kong! Enjoy!

Update 2: Sercio has added a third 100-slot MP3 relay in Moldova! Soon we're going to have to start calling the site SercioTunes :P

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New Music for the Holidays!

General NewsSeason's greetings from all of your friends at ArmiTunes! We hope you are all having a terrific holiday season and want to thank you for your continued support! Now, on to the Christmas presents: new tunes!

You can request the new songs right here. And don't forget, you can always make an Instant Random New Request! As always, a huge thanks to all of you who contributed. Great job with the file names, album art, etc.

UPDATE: Check out the new Song Request search engine! To find something, just start typing in the search box. You can page through the results using the controls at the bottom. Finally, you can adjust the sort order by clicking on the column names. This is an intermediate step between fully implementing the playlist/favorites/etc. in the a database but I wanted to get this part working and tested first. Enjoy and let me know if there are any problems!

More site improvements coming in 2013. Stay tuned!

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Changing Encoders

General NewsAfter over a decade using the IceS 1.x encoder for mp3, we're about to move to a new encoder. While IceS has served us well over the years and has been stable, the real problem is with encoding the aac+ stream. There just haven't been any freely available encoders that work with Linux. Because of this, we've been using Winamp running the Shoutcast DSP encoder plugin running in Wine all this time. As you know, it's been horribly unstable.

Shoutcast has a new version of their transcoder for Linux that can simultaneously emit an mp3 and aac+ stream from a single source. While implementing it proved to be a bit of a challenge, we were able to rewrite the DJ handler and the Now Playing page to work with the encoder AND still retain the progress bar with some neat perl, php and javascript tricks!

The upshot of this is manifold; we'll be able to support sc_serv2 in the future (multiple streams/mountpoints on a single server), we can provide a higher quality STABLE aac+ stream that doesn't require emulating Windows, we'll be well-positioned when we cut over to the new database-driven playlist/request system, the "zero song length" bug with IceS/libLAME should be fixed at long last, and we'll no longer be beholden to a piece of software that was last updated in 2004.

Update: When the new encoder was deployed on the production machine, it had problems that weren't present on the development server. For the time being, we're still using the old MP3 encoder and only using the new encoder for AAC+. We'll try again soon once the bugs are worked out. Thanks for your patience!

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New Relay!!!

General NewsI'm happy to announce that user SunBlade has graciously volunteered to set up a new 50 slot MP3 relay in Europe!!! It is now available via the "Listen" page!

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Problems with front page forum post block?

General NewsIf you have having problems displaying the front page because the forum posts block is all screwed up, please clear your browser cache and reload (or hold down the shift key while clicking the reload button) to get the updated style sheet. That should fix the problem for all browsers.

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Possible Site Outday due to Storm

General NewsAs a result of the impending Hurricane, it is quite likely that power will be lost here sometime during the next few days. While the server is on a UPS and can survive short outages, it is likely that a power loss during the storm could last several days if not longer. If the site goes out, I will make updates if possible on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

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