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General NewsMy server ISP is terminating this server soon and it will take me some time to setup and transfer things to a new server. So things will be in limbo for awhile. Stay safe and we will return at some point for sure.

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Happy Holidays

General NewsNew backend is slowly getting done now that I have managed to find some free time. There will be a beta test site available once I get things working well enough. And also fixing the email issue, for some reason, the server Armitunes is running on, cannot send emails out.

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New songs

General NewsNew songs being added

I am testing the uploading and processing backend. Uploading a temporary collection of new music.

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Armitunes Community Beta Site (Update #2)

General NewsUpdate #2

Bellsworth46 has created a Discord chat for Armitunes

Update #1

Infrastructure ready, got new Xeon server with couple streaming servers and transcoding server and 10TB storage for uploaded content. This weekend going to setup project tracking site with all the tasks I need to do and also things where other people could help. Link to that site will be added here later.

#Original post#
Been slowly working on the new community site which will finally make possible song uploads. As I'll be unemployed next month, I'll finally have time to work on the site. First feature that will be available is song uploading and metadata updating. This and the community site alpha/beta I hope to have online by the end of January 2018. There is lot of backend work to be done, but after that adding new features should be quite easy.
The next important step is to allow users to verify that the songs are what they claim to be and make metadata adjustments, this will at first be moderator type of privilege but later will be expanded to all users who have uploaded songs.
This all so that the songs will be user generated content and also moderated by the users.
Once that part works I'll be taking daily/weekly random songs and copy them to this site as content.
Then I'll be working on request feature on the community site which will end up as the main site at some point. And moving the forums etc. And designing the layout/templates for the site (for which I might need so outside help as I am good only for coder graphics).
Probably I should start using Discord or Slack or something, happy to hear which might be the best one as I am quite old school and prefer IRC :)

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Update 2

General NewsMaintenance work done but domain transfer from GoDaddy didn't go as planned and was in limbo for a week or so. Now that part is done. Got the new servers ready and next step is publishing a semi-public beta version of the site.

Sorry for the glacial speed, had to combine the site update (song uploads etc) with learning new programming languages and frameworks as that seems to be the only way I have time to do anything extra. Fulltime working combined with fulltime studying is not the best combination for free time.

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Happy Holidays

General NewsHope you all have some time to relax and get ready for the next year, hoping to finish my next first update to the site and finally get the song upload online.
I've been working fulltime and studying at the same time which kinda has eaten all my spare time.

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Changes #5

General NewsHappy Eurovision weekend :)

So far I have managed to fix the request page issue that prevent from listing some of the songs and requesting them.
Also did some tweaking around the site and added more storage space to the server.
The song upload feature is not yet ready, hoping to get it done by next weekend. It will work with browsers and you can upload either individual songs or whole albums in zip format.
Ah and we are now ready for the future, added IPV6 support to the site.

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Changes #4

General NewsHi,

I am working on the site this weekend, random explosions, weirdness and general mayhem is going to happen...

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Changes #3

General NewsGreetings from Europe,

With massive help from Armitage the new server is up and running. The music collection is currently very limited, but I'll be uploading songs from my own collection once my fileserver is online. And submissions from listeners are welcome too. Details on where and how to upload them will be posted later.

Thank you Armitage for keeping this site and community running all these years, I'll keep the site alive as long as I can.

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Changes #2

General NewsHi All,

Just a bit of an update. The new server is pretty much complete and we will begin the process of transitioning ownership of the website starting this coming weekend. Please be aware that the site and stream will be unavailable for periods of time during the transition. You will continue to access the site at the same URL as always, but some of the relay addresses will be different.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time of transition.


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