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 What was your FIRST!!!
 09/29/04 06:18PM  
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My first, if it counts as Anime, would be ThunderCats and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, when I was around 9 or 10 years old. I didn\'t know what Anime was then, either. But what really hooked me in 1995 was Sailor Moon, and it went from there.

My current faves are:

Sailor Moon
Gundam Wing
Cowboy Bebop
Robot Carnival
Galaxy Express 999
End of Evangelion

I am seriously considering checking out Ghost in the Shell.

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 10/02/04 08:11PM  
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egad... hard question... I can\'t remember what really started me on anime, I think it was one of the old Studio Ghibli things, My Neighbor Totoro.

Oh and Deona, do check out Ghost in the Shell, theres some mature content like violence and extreme gore at times, but it shouldn\'t bother you too much. The story is also good. ~wants to see Ghost in the Shell 2~ @w@

"Always remember, you're unique, just like everyone else." - The Man Behind You Said So xD....
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 10/06/04 01:54PM  
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Gravitation started me out..... saw Akira long time ago, but Gravi got me...
then on to... YNM, Zetsuai/Bronze, Evangelion, Ai No Kusabi, Cowboy Bebop, Mirage of Blaze, Earthian, Trigun...
Eva hit me like the death of a loved one... i spent a year making 6 AMV\'s about eva.... 25 mins long... it was a task. Just finished 2 vids for ANK.
overall Eva has hit me the hardest with ANK not too far behind it (way too many social issues for the average joe...) but GRAVITATION started it all... MY first!

Life is nothing but a perspective, if you dont like it, just change it!
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 10/08/04 09:11PM  
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the first anime i really remember being a big fan of was Outlaw Star I thnk that was the one that made me get into anime and manga.

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 10/19/04 02:33PM  
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My first were Maya the bee or Sinbad. Of course back then I didn\'t know it\'s called anime and thought it was just another cartoon.
The first anime which I recognized as anime and which really got me into it is probably Mononoke Hime which is still my favorite movie.
My current favorites are:
1) Haibane Renmei
2) Outlaw Star
3) Scryed
4) hack//Sign
5) Rah Xephon
6) Someday\'s Dreamers
7) Berserk
8) Noir
9) Mononoke Hime
10) Spirited Away

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 10/21/04 03:36PM  
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It was L\'arc-en-ciel Stay Away, that is where I saw Hyde oh my god!!! he was so Lil, and cute....... I was like who is this, so i been in love since. That is why I was so happy to see them at Otakon this year, that really made my year. I even cryed a little, how *censored*y is that, and the hole time I was screeming Hyde I LOVE YOU, if he would have said i love you to I would have Died.... Mr. Green Neutral

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Anonymous: The Hobbit
 10/27/04 09:40PM  

my first ones were ones that I wasn\'t aware that it was anime at the time. Lupin 3rd was one of those, and so was speed racer. Those shows were awesome.

 10/28/04 07:46PM  
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My first one was a little known show on Nickelodeon with a girl and a make believe koala that lived outside her window. I didn\'t even realize it was an anime until someone mentioned it a couple years back. My first anime that got me hooked to the anime scene was Tenchi Muyo on Cartoon Network. I would race home after school to see it. I got more interested and moved on to other series, especially with Midnight Run and Adult Swim. Strangely enough, I never, and still haven\'t, watched much of DBZ or Sailor Moon.

The trouble is that things never get better, they just stay the same, only more so.
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 11/08/04 12:45PM  
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My first series \"introduced as anime\" by a friend of mine was Robotech, Not too long thereafter in 1992, at a Star Trek Convention of all things, This guy had a video room showing anime shows, I must have stayed there most of the weekend, being introduced to some of my All Time Favorites such as Ranma 1/2, I believe this was before Viz released the English dub version, He had a High Generation copy of a Fansub of the first 5 episodes, Before he showed them he took a few minutes to try to explain the premise of the thing. I seemed a bit convoluted at first and I suppose it is somewhat, but it is very funny and very well thought out. I mean, It must have been very hard for Rumiko Takahashi to keep inventing new martial arts for a majority of the episodes.

While I am not a fan of Robotech anymore, I AM a big Macross Fan, I am also a fan of some more obsure series such as Orguss (Not Orguss 02) (That\'s where Mimsy Comes from) Smile

current top favs:
Ranma 1/2
Macross (Various Series but esp. the original 36eps)
Super Dimmension Century Orguss
Tenchi Muyo
Bubblegum Crisis 1-8 & 2040

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 11/09/04 11:30AM  
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Quote by C starwind: Hello Anime fans. I was just sitting here and listening to all the wonderful music daydreaming about my favorite Anime shows. When I started thinking about what gave me that push to go down this long and captive road of wondrous dreams. And whats in my dusty mind you say. Shows like Speed Racer, Marine Boy,and who could forget Ultraman. So please what we would like to know is what show jumped right out at you and said take me home you\'ll just love me. What was that title and how many new shows did you get from opening that door. So tell us whats your FAVS in Anime.

Is speed king an anime? I thought it was just a cartoon, oh well.

Being only 14 i would say..........

Probably, though i don\'t want to admit it, i would have to say sailor moon, which i now hate with every bit of hate i can.

One day, oysters will rule the world.
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