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 What was your FIRST!!!
 03/29/11 10:15AM  
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Just like some others said, I maybe saw some Animes before and just don'T recognized them as such. But the first I Really can remember was Ghost in the Shell. But I think what me got really into Jap. Culture was Final Fantasy 8 which has blown my mind Smile But I loved GitS and was totally blown away as I saw the 2nd Movie of it. Today I get my Animes in some special stores or on subs4u because whats in the TV-shows is just kiddycrap which makes me wann throw up XP

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 04/21/11 02:04AM  
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Well, if you wanna go way back, I do believe the first anime I ever saw was Speed Racer, followed by Sailor Moon.. then DBZ.. then Pokemon, and so on.

Keep in mind the only way to see anime on TV when I was 9 was to have a premium cable tv package or satellite. Razz

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 04/21/11 06:02AM  
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Is it horrible to say the first anime I ever watched was Pokemon? D:

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 04/21/11 04:18PM  
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Voltron, I'm OOOLLDD school kiddies!!!

Arulin, been stamping out the Jap-Barny, loli-music, and Pikachu songs with the power of hard core blood and gore combat music since 2006 on Armitunes *thumbs u
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 04/25/11 03:36PM  
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there were others that i forgot to mention too...some of which i saw on regular tv back when they still showed cartoon in the afternoon from was Ronin Warriors. hmmm.....i was also into Sailor Moon but my brothers didn't like it either. I also got into Card Captor Sakura when 63 was started showing Saturday morning cartoons. but now that i think about it....what really got me into it other than tenchuman and DB was Power Rangers because at that time, i did not know that that was the American version to the original Japanese version. (yes there is a Japanese version which i saw an episode of when i was in Japan). my lil bro (bless his heart) got me into Getbackers and Trigun and Matantei Loki Ragnarok......oh! and Read or Die! and Ninja Scroll. he sure knows how to pick animes. some of them was thanks in part to youtube where they would show clips and have music...that was how we got into Naruto. my cousin got us into Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star (that was thx to Toonami) and i also saw some animes on Syfy when it showed animes on Saturday morning. (tho they do show some animes on Monday nights now). know what...i'll just drop a list of all that i've seen.

Monochrome Factor
Sailor Moon
Cowboy Bebop
Princess Princess
Dragon Drive
Yami no Matseui
Shaman King
Vampire Hunter D
Chrno Crusade
Fist of the North Star
Macross (Robotech)
Dear Boys
Ghost Hunt
Tenchi Muyo
Princess Mononoke
Tsubasa Chronicles
Mai Hime
Galaxy Express 999
Now and Then, Here and There
Ninja Scroll tv
Read or Die ost
Read or Die tv
Detechtive Academy Q
Prince of Tennis
One Piece
Ghost in the Shell
Mezzo DSA
Perfect Blue
Love Hina

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 04/28/11 01:29PM  
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Still can't believe it was my dad who created this post... I owe it to him that I'm an anime fan today.
I think if you search around the 7th page, you can see my reply when I had my old account named 'Dragon'.
Dragon Ball Z- Probably the first anime I seen, back before cartoon network ever had it on there. All thanks to my pop. lol
I remember he and I watching it, that would only lead to more animes to come. Big Grin

*Also, if you look at my profile... You'll see all the series's I've finished, and some movies. n_n*

We're not tools of the government, or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing THE ONLY thing I was good at. But at least I always fought for what I believe in.
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