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 Best method of learning Japanese?
 03/02/16 12:10AM  
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Quote by: krej_kun

Pimsleur language learning on audio cassette is NOT a good start for becoming verbally fluent in Japanese - there were a number of things my Japanese 100 teacher had to set me straight on as I did Pimsleur first, then took the course later Razz

Would you elaborate?

I know the first editions apparently have some unnatural constructs and I've seen some comments about them possibly having natives with nonstandard dialects and non-native speakers. If you really used cassettes I assume that is the case, as I've not seen such criticisms of the newest editions which are supposed to feature all native speakers and better phrases.

I've never used it myself, but I'm curious as the courses are generally well received now.

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 03/02/16 12:53PM  
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Arsuru - you've guessed exactly! I don't recall specific examples as this was a while ago, but yes, there were constructs that I inferred from the Pimsleur tapes as being regular but really only were used for one exception. And yes, actual cassette tapes, so likely a very early edition.

Don't get me wrong, Pimsleur was a reasonable introduction, helped me get some basic phrases down quite quickly - absolutely fine if you are only looking for utter basic tourist-level communication (and it served me well for exactly that). But for progressing further, it was not a good foundation as I had to 'unlearn' some things.

I gather that Pimsleur has a pretty good rep for language learning so I expect that more recent editions are better than what I used. Smile

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Chrono Valkyrie
 03/15/16 12:16PM  
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Apologies for the delay in the reply, I've been quite busy with college the past few weeks.

I did some looking into Genki and Hiragana Battle, both of which look super useful! Again, thank you guys so much!

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 03/15/16 12:48PM  
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Lady Miyuki
 03/15/16 07:28PM  
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I personally like a particular online language teaching site called busuu. It has the generic lessons and such but my favorite things are the online web chats where you can have conversations and practice with people who are native to the language and if you are learning to read and write the language there is a vocabulary and grammar section where you can type short paragraphs and post them to be proofread by other people. You can also proofread for other people. Its a really good site.

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