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 Anime Theories
 12/26/15 06:27PM  
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Quote by: Mercury Aensland

Well, the Shinigamis I know of in Death Note have existence
that can't be considered nothingness

nothingness to me is oblivion.

Yeah exactly that's why I don't think the theory is possible unless the manga is different lol

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Anonymous: Mercury Aensland
 12/27/15 12:57AM  

Hey Meera

you wanna have a bigger avvye?
I can search a similar yet larger one.

oh btw
Yuuko wiped away Watanuki's memory in exchange for a wish right!? His very first wish that is why he doesn't remember her in the first episode.

He loves her alot.. He even waited for her as the new master of the shop.


I like Rize Kamishiro for her character.. She is just like Morrigan Aensland being controlled by Akira Oono.. A strong character.
Not that I mean Rize is controlled by anybody..

but I may have been an Exorcist
and zombie hunter

I could spar with her if she like.. now I'm just kidding..
a strong and beautiful woman makes me weak..
I can serve but not be a slave..


 03/14/16 12:57AM  
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The Nagachika Hideyoshi is a Washuu theory for Tokyo Ghoul!

It's obvious he has some kind of connection with the CCG's founder family, the Washuu because of everything he did to help Kaneki. Either he agreed to be apart of the CCG or he has family connections.

Waiting for another dance, another time.
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 04/29/16 08:21AM  
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In the Anime, xXx-Holic

I think I now know what X in XxX-Holic means..

I got the idea when I was still a 'lil kid

It was because of the smoke..
let me explain..

When I was a kid..
there was a guy who was smoking..
and there was also an insect..
It was flapping its wings..
so it changed the direction of the smoke..
and the smoke slowly went to another man standing and was busy doing something at the hospital..
and when the smoke was inhaled by him..
he started to cough/sneeze..
which led him to accidentally..
switch off the power/fusebox..
and everything shut down..

.see the events?

..oh how a flapping of wings can do something big..

.and that is one of the instances I learned about life..

Turn the world around..
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 10/24/17 05:26PM  
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Quote by: Anonymous

I wonder why there is a teacher-student relationship theme in Card Captor Sakura not less than thrice..

Actually there are other themes in card captor sakura shown more than thrice..

Just like having a deceased partner..
It isn't just Fujitaka and Nadeshiko..

I've had this in mind since I've watched it as a kid..

I forgot to mention that Chobits also have Teacher-Student relationships as well.

Mr. Green

Turn the world around..
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