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 About Eikaiwa Online Tutorial
Anonymous: Quiksilver
 03/19/14 06:01AM (Read 2113 times)  

hey guys, I wan to ask something..

Could an Eikaiwa be really involved in Human Trafficking?
I'm a bit concerned since some of my classmates went to some job fair and one of the companies is an Eikaiwa or online English Tutorial mostly for Japanese students, and recently that company appeared on news TV and the reporters said that the Police raided the place because it was suspected to be an online prostitution den. I know that sex sells and people use it on advertising most of the time. But they don't actually show sex in advertisements to be exact, maybe just a little bit of skin. So it is possible to use such tactic but not actually involved in anything really sexual online. Like employing a bunch of girls as tutors for this online company.

Then again, Japan can be nice but Japan can be so twisted and perverted too.

In Japan, simple possession of child pornography with no intent of sale or distribution is legal. However, the production, sale or distribution of child pornography is illegal. Possession of child pornography with any intent of distribution or sale is also illegal.
Pornographic art depicting underage characters (lolicon) and photography of underage models (Junior Idol) remain controversial. (wiki)

And I do know of some site that are pornographic in content yet also caters English Lessons online. (just like
(you get redirected to the English Learning site when your country is blocked)

So whats your view?
Is it really a Human Trafficking syndicate?
Or is it just some bad publicity?
With former disgruntled laid off tutors told totally fake report to police, wanting to destroy a company?

So even if it really is a Syndicate, how the hell can we prove it so we can put them to jail?

Lord Il
 03/20/14 07:19PM  
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Seems pretty sketchy to me as I haven't heard much pertaining to the situation (save only one article on a Google search). Such a thing like this would (should!) be pretty high profile. I would expect the media to be all over it. Something seems off.. Confused

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Anonymous: Quiksilver
 03/21/14 06:32AM  

this Eikaiwa I'm referring to isn't in America so it won't appear in your news TV.


should have waited the imbestigators than post this naaaah....

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