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 Introduction thread
 01/11/12 12:33PM  
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Registered: 10/16/11
Posts: 191
Name: Joe Garetson
Online Name: The Deadly Goddess, Inferna, Silent Sora
Age:16(Though I still think I'm a dead 20 year old even though i have no proof yet xD)
Sex: Male
Height and Weight: Idc
Blood type: Idc
Birthday: Idc its just another year older on that day xD
Hair Color: Brown with blond streaks
Eye Color: Depends on the color I want it to be (I actually can change it^^)
Likes: Manga/Anime, swimming, Armitages Dimension, Nightcore, Final Fantasy(every one of em cept that one i cant remember at the moment xD)
Dislikes: Too many to count

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 03/20/12 01:29PM  
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Name: Justin "Danny" Tutorow
Online Name: phantom223, sideswipe240z, 'Cade2237
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Hobbies: Drawing, Driving, Video Games
Fave Music: Country, Rap (American, Latino, Japanese), Rock
Likes: good sweet tea, beautiful girls (I ain't no pervert!), cars (freakin geek out when I see a beautiful car)
Dislikes: *censored*y girls, snobs, slobs, perverts....father's current gf.....

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 05/29/12 10:01PM  
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Well.. i have been around hera 'bout a year, but i had not introduced myself

Name: n3KroSs Originally from the Unreal Tornament Game of the Year Edition, there's the Necris ( and it derived from there.
real name: Ivan (i like to preted that my name is Ivannovich)

Likes: blue, suspense anime, seinen, manga, Football(Soccer), American Football, makis, shushi, teriyaki, nyancat, unreal tournament 99, prototype (pc game), the black eyed peas, L'arc~en~ciel, etc..
dislikes:a lot of things, manhwa, Motorola cellphones, manhwa, baggy clothes, and some other things, misspelling
sex: male
blood type: idk
birthday: 09/30
age: 25

note: any coincidence with the real world is purely coincidental or you are me

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 06/01/12 09:45PM  
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Registered: 11/28/03
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hey guys i am a long time member i dont chat a lot but thought i say hello lol

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Anonymous: phoexer
 09/14/12 02:32AM  

Name: Mike (At least thats what my mother told me)
Online Name: phoexer
Age: Old
Sex: Male
Height and Weight: I've never really checked
Blood type: B
Birthday: Some time in November. Please don't remind me of how old i am getting.
Hair Color: BLACK!!!!!!
Eye Color: Hazel
Likes: Me likes my Manga, my Anime, my PS3, my Guitar and my Daughter
Dislikes: My Ex.

 09/16/12 06:30AM  
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I've been listening to Armitunes for quite a while now, so I thought I'd create an account.

I'm not really that much of an interesting person, other than the fact that I seem to be the only person in South Africa that tunes into Armitunes.

I mostly listen when I'm at work, though I don't know how much the people in the office appreciates my taste in music.

Oh well.

PM me if you have any questions or just want to chat!

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 09/16/12 11:16PM  
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Registered: 09/16/12
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I only recently starting listening to Armitunes so I decided to make an account.

I absolutely [b]love[/b] Japanese music! I listen to it all the time, in the car, at home, whenever I have time really. I mostly listen to J-Pop and recently starting getting into artists like school food punishment and Maaya Sakamoto. I own most of their albums too.

I hope to get to meet more people who are into J-Pop here. Nice to meet you all!

- Aya Big Grin

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 09/19/12 08:07AM  
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Minna, irasshaimase~

The lounge room is over there, whilst the cb is over here.
The kitchen has a vending machine and it'll only except 100yen coins.
We have a public toilet and it's out there in public.

Don't pay attention to me, since I've become a senile cat who can't keep up with the kittens no more.
Go play and have fun.

Live from Asia!! Heeeeere's Crash FM!!
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Anonymous: Saiphon
 09/20/12 09:02AM  


Hello there.

My name is Oscar and I'm from Sweden. This seemed like a really interesting website so here I am Razz

Anonymous: Quiksilver
 09/23/12 03:10AM  

hello oscar

hello newbies!!!

Big Grin

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