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 Introduction thread
 03/08/06 04:32PM (Read 113157 times)  
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Ohayou ^^
Here is a proper introduction thread since there are so many new users on AD.

Me is Crash and I\'m from Holland where the grass is greener Mr. Green
I got my nick now since the beginning of internet and is from the fact that I had a lot of misfortune and accidents.
Since a cat has nine lives, I thought that would suit me the best.. Hence CrashCat.

Likes: Going fast, anime and recently into manga.
Listens to a lot of Jpop or regular radio, although the rap/hiphop/r&b from the USis getting boring by now.
K-os is ok tough ^^.
Dislikes: Uptight people, ginger and morning air x_X

Have fun getting to know each other ^_^

Live from Asia!! Heeeeere's Crash FM!!
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 03/08/06 05:42PM  
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O O O , i SO gotta reply to this,


I am from England, we are officially anime deprived T-T, and if we aint deprived, its just too damn expensive, i mean com on yo\'all its all about tha


iv been a member of AD for a year and almost a half.

likes: anything that sounds nice, whether it be from RnB to japanese folk music, trust, ANYTHING, aslong as it sounds nice Big Grin

dislikes: closed minded peeps, being in strange situations, fake people, (i love the truth, i can gain trust that way)

you\'de wanna know me, honto, (speak to ma mate jade, she is another funguy ;P )

N.A.D.I.A- Naughty Adventourus Delerious Intellectual Adolescent
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 03/08/06 08:56PM  
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i\'m antichrist.
yay for the armitunes!
been here a bit, but not real long. very happy to meet some cool people like yous guys(you are cool aren\'t you?) I live in \"switzerland\", not really but as they say \"ego sum nemo\"

likes: people who can hold a conversation for more then 10 minutes
dislikes: bigots, Bill Gates, and the sun(too bright...)
I\'d donate more stuff to the site but the money I make that isn\'t going to anime is going to my rent and so I\'m pretty much broke for the other stuff(bloody college)
hope to see yous alls or whatever and the like.

Ford, you're turning into a penguin. stop it...
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Anonymous: Akito Tenkawa
 03/09/06 01:11AM  


hmm i like this idea. good thinking CC.

The name is Joe. Currently am a resident of Florida in the United states of America (depressing sometimes depending on who\'s in office)

im 21 years old and love my anime. i watch as much as i can when i can no excuses. i also love my jpop/jrock/jrap,etc etc.

my aim in life. hmm i dunno. ill probaly be working as a bodyguard for nadia in 10 years seeing as she\'ll be ruling the world.

my likes. people who want to have fun and just be themselves

my dislikes: closed minded people. arrogant people who are unnaturally arrogant. ignorant people. yeah that\'s about it.

hmm i\'ve been on armi under two names. the first was tatsuhiko which was opened in feb of 2005. and more recently this one. yup thats\' right folks i\'ve been on armi for justa lil over a year. oh well that\'s all

 03/09/06 07:08AM  
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Hehee.. Ok so I\'m Spluuga, a rather weird cat vampie boy.. Twisted Evil

I\'m 19 years old and I live in the dark northern europe also called Finland..
My hobbies include art stuff varying from drawing painting models to a small projects like amv\'s and stuff.. Some card games like MtG, Vampire:The Eternal Struggle, FMA and occasionally duelmasters and doomtroopers (Hate lil\' kids who insist on yelling koi! or something and don\'t even realize the meaning..)
Some miniature strategy games like Warhammer 40k and small projects next to it necromunda and blood bowl (american football with loose rules, tentacles and stuff and the attitude to throw the ball aside and to injure your opponent..)
Mm... rpg, gaming and stuff... ask.. can\'t remember all of them..

I like.. tea, cats, nightly walks..
Dislikes.. annoying and arrogant people..

I like almost every kind of music (except rap), but I love trance, industrial and other metal and of course jpop...

I think that\'s about it.. just remember that everything can be thought of in a various ways and nadia isn\'t the only one trying to rule the world.. it\'s just that she will get attention while others work in secrecy..

..I'm your angel. Only a ring away.. You make me violate you. No matter who you are..
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 03/09/06 11:21AM  
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Name: Vampi/Sammy
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 18
Height: 175cm
Birthday: August 18
Bloodtype: A
Signs: Leo, Rabbit
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Likes: Anime/Manga, J-Rock/Pop, Yaoi/Yuri, DDR, videogames, singing, drawing,
reading, Vampires, the Paranormal/Occult, Japanese culture, animals, etc.
Dislikes: Many, many things... including homophobes and other narrow-minded
people. And most vegetables. D:

I know a lot of that is in my profile, but hey. Now it\'s here too. xD

EDIT: Oh yeah. I haven\'t even been here two weeks yet... but it feels like home. Mr. Green

There comes a time in every fangirl's life, when you just have to say to yourself... "I will not lick the computer screen".
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Im With Stupid
 03/09/06 05:47PM  
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Name: Mysterioso Incognito.
Age: As old as I feel, apparently.
Date of Birth: Feb. 19th (chosha found my birth date quite amazing Rolling Eyes )
Sign: Aquarius/Pisces, Pig
Bloodtype: O (suppose all the vamps would be curious? Neutral )
Likes: Anime, Manga, good music, good films, videogames, reading, drawing, hentai,
people that can laugh at themselves as well as others, Le Chateau de Brillon 1883 (c\'est magnifique!)
Dislikes: Fake people, people with no sense of humour, the rash between my legs,
every film by Michael Bay, Le Chateau de Brillon 1884 (it\'s piss!)

Get out there and have fun, people! Big Grin

Even if you rip the pictures out of Playboy, you're still getting caught reading Playboy. - Pat Boivin
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Anonymous: Evalass
 03/10/06 08:53PM  


Hi! I\'m Evalass (or Eva, Liz, Lizzie, devils own, cookie monster)
I\'ve been on AD for about a year.
Age: currently 15
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Height: 5\'2\"
Weight: 105lbs.
Current Location: US XP
Religion: Agnostic
Likes: Anime (duh), books (book worm Big Grin ) and anything you can think of. I am an open-minded person and will talk about almost anything. ^_^
Dislikes: Racist people, catholic religous freaks (no offence to those ADer\'s who are catholic) and book haters.

This was a good idea Crash! Good thing to know your brain is still intact after all those accidents. Laughing Out Loud

If there is anything else people want to know, just ask me!

 03/13/06 05:29PM  
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Quote by Evalass:
This was a good idea Crash! Good thing to know your brain is still intact after all those accidents. Laughing Out Loud

>_> I did wore \'protection\'. Mr. Green

Live from Asia!! Heeeeere's Crash FM!!
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 03/13/06 06:56PM  
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lol....see, that happens when u give too much cookies to eva Big Grin

Me...Kyoyama_Tomiko...member of AD since Jan last yr...born in Peru, currently living in the U.S.
where: Ohio
age: 20 (21 on July 21st)
currently addicted to: my bf ** .... the mix of utaban + Hello!
I wub: anime, music (all kinds, althou i dun listen to radio :~) and my bf
I\'m: DAI fan, advanced procrastinator, and stuff xD
I take my friends seriously and wub them , i have made great friends on AD....its really like a family ^_^


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