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 06/09/11 02:17AM  
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Quote by: DukeDeliciouse

I'm still in awe of and lusting after that Monster Dog of DMS' up top.

And by up top, I do indeed mean on the previous page, yo.

You cant even see the 4 strips of bacon its sitting on...
Even the chili is hidden under all the toppings.

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 06/09/11 10:26PM  
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There isn't a way to, maybe, mail one to me via USPS, is there?

"Popo woke up several hours later. Popo pants gone. Popo robbed." Mr. Popo, Dragon Ball Z, Delicious' Head.
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Anonymous: GarbageCan
 06/10/11 01:18PM  

Quote by: hazumu-kun

you and your plasic guns Razz I like the mountains.

Yeah I like my polymer frames, so what?

Anonymous: kayt
 06/29/11 03:13PM  

To prove that I didn't die on my trip here's a picture of me in my hotel room:

Hm, on second thought I should have uploaded the one in which I'm drinking Guinness in the Gravity bar...

Anonymous: GarbageCan
 07/13/11 11:24PM  

This was a three hour drive, and I wasn't driving, so I occupied my time by taking pictures, about 278 before the battery died.
These ones are still in Northern Utah, you will know when we hit Idaho.

There's Idaho.

This was what most of the drive through Idaho was like, rolling, tree-less hills.

At the top of the picture is where a bird messed on the window some time ago, I got to look at it most of the trip.

A school. Oh yeah, and all of these pictures were taken through a window while going somewhere between 25 and 70-something depending on the area. Mostly 70-something.

Cache National Forrest.

I preferred this to the 'Cache National Forrest' sign because the sign reminded me of Cache county. Then again, so does the pile of trash...

Then everything starts to go flat.


Just in case you get a little to frisky.

Then the mountains come back, closer to Wyoming.

Then we get to Wyoming... If you look closely, you can see the sign.

And this is Star Valley.

The Snake River on our way to Jackson's Hole. Let us not speak of that place again.

This was just an epic view.

This is an epic sign.

And back to Idaho's rolling hills, not long before my battery went dead.

Unfortunately it went dead before we got to the alternative route through Cache Forrest, which would have made for some really nice pics. If I didn't forget the damn charger, it wouldn't have been an issue, so I will correct this mistake next time.

Sailor Moon
 07/14/11 01:06PM  

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Nice Pics GC...pretty good job at 70mph. Not sure I could have done as well. ^_^

Pretty area too. Thanks for sharing. Smile

...Sailor Moon says.... you can change the world one A.R.K. at a time. ^_^
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Anonymous: GarbageCan
 07/14/11 04:19PM  

Thanks SM! I should be going up there again within the next couple weeks, so I'll probably have more then.

 07/14/11 05:37PM  
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So thats what the outside looks like these days.....we don't get out much.....down here in Los Alamos......

This message has been brought to you by BASTARD!! .....and his evil bed bunnies....
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Anonymous: GarbageCan
 07/20/11 05:50PM  


The man-puss.

Anonymous: DesertPunk
 07/22/11 03:13AM  

My $8.00 mini fridge.

GC and the mini fridge.

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