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 The Next Gen (futuristic) RP forum
Kami Akai
 06/11/11 05:46PM  
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Revival of this RP

Name: John Sinclair
Age: Undisclosed - Looks 21 in human terms
Gender: Male
Job:Captian of the Constellation - The oldest ship in the known universe
Bio: Half dog half human he originally was a military experiment he was programmed to be a leader of groups from the moment his eyes opened. However due to a experiment gone haywire he was decommissioned and went to live with his creator. When the colony where he lived was attacked and his creator was killed. Reinlisting into the military he quickly gained ranks into captain, an unheard feat for one of his breed. He will never talk about his past except in hinted and haunted ways that give hints that he is far older than he looks and far older than his breed could ever be. He is now assigned to the area with his crew of half breeds. Most of his crew is restricted to the ship due to many of the intergalatic laws regarding half human hybrids.

He likes to drink and have shallow relationships with woman that end with his last drink at the bar. He has the ability to place commands in peoples minds that they have the uncontrollable desire to fullfill. He also has the uncanny ability to appear seemingly out of nowhere and almost seem to be able to hide in shadows.

His ship is declaired to be the oldest but the fastest in the galaxy. She normally has a crew near the 200 range and is officially a carrier ship. However she has had major renovations since her built time so that she could seem like only a slow bulky carrior but in fact holds heavy armourments that rival most dreadnaughts, and engines that would easily walk away from most fastest of fighters.

If I were in human form, I wonder if that boy would want to see me again. ... ... but... I know...We'd never be able to be together...
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