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 Best Anime Soundtrack
Anonymous: astromech
 09/01/04 12:20AM (Read 52908 times)  

What\'s the best anime soundtrack you ever listened to? Question

 09/01/04 12:50AM  
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Damn thats a tough one...

id have to choose between Akira (i know, a bit odd) and Escaflowne, i still write cd\'s with tracks from both... Especially the chants from Escaflowne....

-Valyn Cool

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 09/01/04 03:03PM  
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hmmm.... i have multiple tracks in mind:
Spiral - Opening Eek!
.hack//SIGN - Obsession (Opening)
Arrow .hack//SIGN - Ending
and the rest of .hack//SIGN
Bubblegum Crisis - y\'know (Opening)
Bubblegum Crisis - Say Yes
Gunslinger Girl - The light before we land (Opening) Wink
Noir - Canta per me
Noir - Corsican corridor
and the rest of Noir
RahXephon - Hemisphere (plain wav, not mp3 coded)
D.N.A.² - D.N.A.²
Silent Möbius - Kinda no pansee
Trigun - Opening Cool
Arrow Neon Genesis: Evangelion - Cruel Angels Thesis (Opening)
Weiß Kreuz - Piece of Heaven
Arrow Full Metal Panic! - Cool Running
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Beauty is within us
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Inner Universe (Opening) Mr. Green
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Lithium Flower (Ending)
X - Sadame

ok, it\'s a long list, but the ultimate song i\'m still listening once a day is:
Bubblegum Crisis - Kon\'ya wa Hurricane

because i\'m only capabel of german, english and latin, i choose the songs \'cuz of their rhytm not their text

p.s.: yes i can Idea remember the position of the songs within the series

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 09/01/04 09:40PM  
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Quote by astromech: What\'s the best anime soundtrack you ever listened to? Question

listen to any of the cowboy bebop albums and you\'ll bound to find a song that you love Big Grin

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Ryoji Kaji
 09/02/04 06:48PM  
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I have to say any Initial D album.
I like all of the music 4 it. I couldn\'t just pick 1.

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 09/04/04 11:43AM  
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im not sure cause i dont often listen to soundtracks; i just dl mp3s of the songs i want

but of what i have listened to, i would have to say the Naruto Official Soundtracks and Rurouni Kenshin Best and Director\'s Collections

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 09/04/04 05:12PM  
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I would have to say the Macross Plus sound track, at least I like it, Im my opinion it\'s right up there with Initial D.

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 09/13/04 02:50PM  

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Definately \"The End\" themesong from Psycho Diver (can be found from Animation Best Collection 1997).. I liked it so much that I just had to order the OVA Smile

Another very very good song I listen to when I wanna feel good is \"Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta nara\" from Kiki\'s Delivery Service.. Ahh... Time to request it Smile

-Raychan Sig goes there -->.
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 09/16/04 12:13PM  
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My vote goes to ROD TV and ROD OVA/OAV which ever you prefer using. Macross Plus Cream Puff, .hack sign, and Tenchi the Movie 2 Priestess of Darkness if I remembered it correctly.

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 09/19/04 12:45PM  
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Listen to the Cowboy Bebop songs. Neutral

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