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 Song request suggestion
 05/14/16 08:46PM (Read 1195 times)  
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There doesn't seem to be a lot of people requesting songs, so considering the limitations imposed (quoted below) are to avoid abuse, I think it somewhat defeats the purpose when user can't request a couple more songs until they have to wait for other requests, which doesn't exist:

- No song may be requested more than once every 150 requests.
- No user may request more than 1 song(s) for every 10 total user requests when the queue is larger than 5 songs.

- Only 1 song(s) from any album may be requested at once.
- There are currently 0 of 10 maximum requests in the queue.

As seen above, no one else is requesting songs. But I keep getting "Your request was played recently" failure. My suggestion is, instead of having to process other requests (or how the counter worked, idk), why not change it to the amount of songs being played? So as example:

- No user may request more than 2 songs for every 10 total songs being played when the queue is smaller than 6 (so 0-5 songs)
- No more than 1 request for every 10 total user requests when the queue is 5+ songs.

This way in lower user hours we can request a few more songs to listen to, that'd be nice.

Also I haven't been requesting for a while now, and when I tried to get songs, I realized the song list seems to have....shrunk a lot. What happened?

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Sailor Moon
 05/14/16 10:21PM  

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First, to avoid 20 questions, please read the News under the Help/About tab.

Additionally, check your forum setting to have it include showing News posts. Then maybe you will see the news post on the main page. I am guessing this is why many have seemed to clueless as to what is going on. (Side note....Raychan, if you see this maybe make this view setting active by default so people stay informed.)

Second, this will explain (in addition to the Site Issues Thread) the reason for the smaller song list as well as why you are having issues with the request system. In short, the request system is a little broken which is why no requests are being made. Raychan is working on the issue(s). In turn, many have been enjoying the new songs as a result.

The restrictions in place are adequate since they have been in place for many years now. And they will be more than adequate for the current database of songs which will shortly become a little larger once more contributions are made. These restrictions ensure a variety of play while minimizing the abuse and repetitiveness that has plagued the request system in the past.

At this point, I would suggest you allow Raychan time to get things back in order. Then let's see what tweaks and improvements can/should be made.

Welcome back and Happy Listening. ^_^

...Sailor Moon says.... you can change the world one A.R.K. at a time. ^_^
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