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 7 strange things about you
 02/03/13 09:41PM (Read 4150 times)  
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Simple post 7 odd facts about your self!

Mine are:
I HATE hair driers, they're loud and hot and obnoxious!!!
I have am australian cattle dog mix that likes to sit on my lap.
In fith grade I had an obbsesion with horeses and forensics
I still have all the horse figures I collected.
I'm fairly certain my room is haunted...
I love the "Panda Hero" song by GUMI
I've read at a collge level scince 7th grade

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 02/04/13 12:57AM  
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Hmm, this seems fun. :3

--When I turn off the lights at night I make a dash for the bed and jump right under the covers before the monster's hands from under the bed can grab my feet...o-o it's a childhood fear that's just stuck with me
--Most of the time I'm thinking. I don't talk aloud much. I like the peaceful solitaire of my thoughts.
--I think spiders and cockroaches are cute. Especially cockroaches.
--I'm home-schooled, and have been for two years.
--I remember too many embarrassing things from my past and not enough great things. :c (Then again, don't we all.)
--I don't like focusing on someone's eyes. It just...creeps me out. Neutral
--I have never seen snow. New Zealand is terrible when it comes to interesting weather.

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 02/04/13 02:56AM  
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Seems interesting Big Grin

- My mind often split into two side which each able to have their own support and argument thus makes me hard to decides on something. This mind splitting always have equal footing.

- All kind of personality test that I take always have more than 50% of the types standing on equal footing.

- If I sleep with light off, I will almost certain be overslept and ignore my alarm. It's also harder to wake up if I sleep with light off.

- I like spicy foods, but I can't handle the pain it makes on my mouth. I'm better now, though.

- I like to talk and arguing with myself. With my ability to split my mind to two different side, it's make me able to arguing with my own self. If I'm alone, I won't hold back my voice whenever I talk and arguing with myself.

- I talk to EVERYTHING like they have the ability to understand what I'm saying. I talk to my laptop, to my book, to my room, to everything.

- I always try my best to not killing anything alive. I will only kill if it disturbs me or have a really high chance to disturb me. I mostly only chase a cockroach out from my room (while talking to it) instead of killing it.

Good karma, Good enough
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 02/10/13 03:50AM  
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i like long hair and i mean long hair

i get bored very easy but can sit and do nothing for hours

i sleep 8 hours and stay up 42 to 62 hours at a time

longies i have stay up is 1 week

i love comedy but for some reason i not a fan of comedy anime's

i am big fan of vampires howeverr

i love zombie movies just as much

Anime Is What Makes The World Go Around For Us Otaku's
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 02/12/13 06:24PM  
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Only seven, oh well, here goes nothing:

I never went to school or high school, I was home-schooled until I turned 18.
I almost never left my house until I turned 15.
I think bats and spiders are very cute, I also like some other bugs.
I really don't like getting grades under 4.5/5
I didn't have a girlfriend until I was 18 (and I didn't met her in college)
I can't resist petting a cat when I see one (but only if he/she wants).
I love to program while listening to electronic music or j music.

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 02/14/13 01:29AM  
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#1: I'm a twin Big Grin
#2: I've been married for a little over a year
#3: I just had a baby girl X3
#4: I just submitted this post and it didn't go through so I lost #'s 4-7! Oops!
#5: I'm graduating with my Bachelors in Information Systems in a couple of months!
#6: I currently live in Hawaii and CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE! Hawaii is a nice place to visit and vacation, but I'd hate to live here long-term...
#7: Most strange thing about me: I live in Hawaii (see above), yet I haven't been to the beach in a year and a half. I'm a 5-minute walk from the most perfect beaches in the world. XD

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 02/14/13 01:20PM  
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1.I usually sleep 3-5h a day, if i sleep at all!
2.My taste of music is really "special", it goes from Orchestra over irish folk to metal to j-Rock/j-Pop and even some rap.
3.I'm 17 and only 1,65m high (as a Guy)!
4.I only stop walking around in shorts if it's 3C or less (exceptions given, but mostly on "special days").
5.I didn't do any Homework at home since 7th Grade (4 1/2 years now)
6.60% of my friends are Girls!
7.I try to teach myself Japanese (I'm Failing! :/ ).

Well there are a lot more things, i'm a crazy Person (in a funny way)

If you got any questions feel free to ask me (:

I never worry about dying, but I do worry about not living!
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 02/16/13 03:36PM  
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1. I'm very lazy
2. when i am alone, i like to sprint from one room to another (only if i was heading there)
3. I also avoid killing insects
4. I like to keep appearances
5. i like a wide variety of music geners, only hating some local trends
6. I have been self-studying japanese for over 3 years, but can't make any sentences.
7. I could go to an international competition but i don't want to.

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 02/18/13 09:10PM  
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The other 6 people in my head agree that there is nothing strange about me.

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Anonymous: Quiksilver
 02/22/13 11:57AM  

world record for being late at school.
i memorize names because i enrolled to a lot of different schools.
i hav a death note just in case for those names.
i keep changing schools not bcoz of offenses but of being late.
used to secretly have photographic memory but lost the sharpness because of health.
psychic card player.
hand contacts help me gain access to other peoples mind.
member of a dead separatist faction whose people are defiled or raped.

DO IT MINNIE MAY!!!!!!!ok!!!!!!!!

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