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 Introduction thread
 03/22/06 11:25PM  
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my name is Joey nice meeting u all Big Grin

i\'m a malaysian n i\'m 20 (for those duno where malaysia is check da map hehe)

an anime supporter (i even bought a cosplay Smile

of course the kind of music i like is also anime song but still enjoy listening to classical

guess nobody listening since everyone snoring after mira post lolz
no offense ya mira cool cool Mr. Green

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 03/23/06 06:11AM  
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OK, I should add myself here, too Smile

I\'ve been with Armitunes for over two years now (with some interuptions). I think I\'m one of the persons beeing responsible for Minnie Mae having been banned for some time Wink
I\'m a 23 year old male from Germany and if you\'re lucky you can meet me on Armitunes\' IRC channel from time to time Smile

I\'m not going to tell a fav anime, manga, game or things like that since there are way too many good ones Smile

Well, stay tuned to Armitunes and come to IRC from time to time Smile

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Anonymous: Evalass
 03/24/06 07:49PM  

^_^ -huggles Justin- I feel special. X3

Anyway, nice to meet you all! I hope I get to talk to you at some point! Mr. Green

 03/29/06 07:56PM  
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Quote by Evalass: ^_^ -huggles Justin- I feel special. X3

Anyway, nice to meet you all! I hope I get to talk to you at some point! Mr. Green

Remember.... Talking... Not Brick throwing >_>

Live from Asia!! Heeeeere's Crash FM!!
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 03/30/06 01:34AM  
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Quote by Evalass: ^_^ -huggles Justin- I feel special. X3

Anyway, nice to meet you all! I hope I get to talk to you at some point! Mr. Green
*is huggled* o.o

But let me say… if I behave… can you arrange a spacious hole in the ground? Somewhere nice, make it nice, where the land meets high tide.
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 03/30/06 02:30AM  
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Hi, ADers! ^^/) I\'m chosha, and I believe.. I am still the queen of the Chatterblock, unless I was overthrown in my absences. I\'m a fair queen, though, and I give out cookies pretty often, so I hope I wasn\'t usurped.

But anyway.. I\'m 17 and I live in the armpit of America. Currently, I\'m not watching anything, and the only thing I\'m reading is Fushigi Yuugi.. I\'m really behind in anime and maga, I know. I\'ve been a member for... very near two years. Today\'s my 701st day on Armi...

Likes : I LOVE EVERYTHING! *cheesy smile* Writing. Always love writing when I can.
Dislikes : American Pop Culture and those that feed into it, the close-minded, the un-rightfully arrogant, change, uncontrol (not the song), misunderstandings, fighting, opinion-forcers..

Birthdate : Oct 19, 1988
Signs (haha) : Libra-Scorpio cusp, Gemini rising, Aquarius moon, year of the Dragon

Thas enough. o.o;

"What really matters is whether the alphabet is used for the declaration of war or for the description of a sunrise." -- Mr. Rogers
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JD ~*Wasabi-san*
 03/30/06 11:05AM  
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Hey all!

I\'m JD (Jade) and I love anime, manga, good music and games! Whee!

I\'m chinese, 17 yrs old in UK. Libra and dragon V--^.^

There are many things that I i\'m not gonna list em all xD (read my insanely long profile cos I was bored xD) so...

Currently reading Saiyuki manga and watching Last Exile anime (they rock!)

Aim in life: To be the next John Williams/Nobuo Uematsu of anime/game music! .... or just ones of those underground mangaka =)

Have fun ppl! Life it short so work hard and play hard! =D

Edit: oo yaa...currently into Project Zero 3: The Tormented Game. OMG THE GAME ROX!!! SO FUN TO PLAY! XD: Ask one of my best mates; Nadia aka YAL-MOUL Wink

dA (Art) : Twitter: Tumblr: Yes, I am abusing this signature space for some self-
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 03/30/06 06:46PM  
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Dead or Alive
Reward $500.00

Name, Unknown

User Name, Eiji

Alias, Mark Andrew
Mick McGrath

Location, Unknown

Last Seen, On AD annoying the listners

If you happen to come across this suspect do not try to apprehend him
insteed contact the nearest local authority on AD, last reported he was considered as, loud & stupid.

I'm the one that walks down the roads that no one knows, or even looks for...
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 04/05/06 11:53PM  
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I\'m wxnut! (wx - is shorthand for weather)

I\'m an IT tech living in west Michigan. I\'m currently older than anybody who\'s introduced themselves in this thread.

I enjoy anime, and reading. I\'m currently watching Karin and Magikano.

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 04/06/06 11:16AM  
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Guess while I\'m here I might as well say hello^^

My friends all call me Nana, short for the nickname of my real name...we all get that? And I got it for loving Nana and the fact that I\'m dying to see the live action one with Mika Nakashima and Ryuhei Matsuda (two of my favorite Japanese people).

My biggest obsession is jrock, especially the band Dir en grey. I could go on with a list of all the bands I like, but I won\'t waste the space and bore you all^^

I\'m also a huge anime fan. My favorite series are Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, and Bleach. My favorite movies are Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust and Ninja Scroll.

As a result of my love for jrock and anime, I\'m big into cosplaying, I just haven\'t until recently really had the funds to do it, and now I\'m making up for lost time. I make my own and several other peoples costumes and plan someday to make a business out of cosplay making as well as selling original clothing.

So that\'s me in a nutshell^^

"Foreteller of the moon, lead me by your guidance, if not sleep in silence."-D'espairsRay "in vain"
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