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 drawing anime help!!!!!!!!
Lord Il
 10/27/11 08:24PM  
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@kayt: Years ago I actually taught myself how to draw using the grid method you showed. It really works by giving some insight into where everything is positioned.


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 10/27/11 08:27PM  
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Ok I taught myself a lot.of drawing methods but sometimes things don't come out right

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 10/28/11 09:09PM  
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there are some great guides on, they help me a lot

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Anonymous: mechasquirrel
 10/28/11 11:07PM  

It also kind of depends on what type of style you want to draw.

There are basic styles that are more cartoonish than say, a regular anime show produced by Xebec, Studio B or Gonzo.

Since you have a good head lesson, I'd say start thinking about drawing a torso. The best way to draw a torso is to look at the collarbone on a character and notice how things are in proprtion to it. The collarbone is like a v from the neck with a long cat smile underneath it that goes from one shoulder to the other. If you can get this right, almost anything you put under it will look decent.

Ben Dunn has a few books out on drawing anime. I didn't find them extremely helpfull but you might. The Adam Warren parts in the back of those books were more informative for me. There seems to be a real cliche group of animators in Japan who are drawing more in the Ben Dunn style now. Boku wa tamodachi ga sukanai is drawn very much in the Dunn style this season.

Drawing hands is hard. Drawing heads is kind of hard. When you get the shoulders right, your eyes will start to tell you if the rest of it looks right or not. You have to practice these in about 30 degree rotations and different positions until you get them right. I wanted a very realistic look so I got a Masume Shirow art book and went to town. I don't recommend anybody else do this becuase it is quite hard and because Shirow is off his rocker now and a lot of the stuff he draws is inappropriate.

You could read Bakuman or another easily searched on-line manga and pick up tips from it and practice. It really depends on what you want to draw, because that is what you need to go look at.

There are some methods on Deviant Art, that is true. But you need to decide at what level you want to draw based on panning over a lot of the submitted art. I recommend not stopping at the flat-drawn cartoon character art that a lot of people put up and just going straight into three dimensional figures with some depth.

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