Armitunes Community Beta Site (Update #2)

Thursday, December 21 2017 @ 12:25 PM EST

Contributed by: raychan

Update #2

Bellsworth46 has created a Discord chat for Armitunes

Update #1

Infrastructure ready, got new Xeon server with couple streaming servers and transcoding server and 10TB storage for uploaded content. This weekend going to setup project tracking site with all the tasks I need to do and also things where other people could help. Link to that site will be added here later.

#Original post#
Been slowly working on the new community site which will finally make possible song uploads. As I'll be unemployed next month, I'll finally have time to work on the site. First feature that will be available is song uploading and metadata updating. This and the community site alpha/beta I hope to have online by the end of January 2018. There is lot of backend work to be done, but after that adding new features should be quite easy.
The next important step is to allow users to verify that the songs are what they claim to be and make metadata adjustments, this will at first be moderator type of privilege but later will be expanded to all users who have uploaded songs.
This all so that the songs will be user generated content and also moderated by the users.
Once that part works I'll be taking daily/weekly random songs and copy them to this site as content.
Then I'll be working on request feature on the community site which will end up as the main site at some point. And moving the forums etc. And designing the layout/templates for the site (for which I might need so outside help as I am good only for coder graphics).
Probably I should start using Discord or Slack or something, happy to hear which might be the best one as I am quite old school and prefer IRC :)

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