Official Banner Contest!

Friday, May 16 2008 @ 01:29 PM EDT

Contributed by: Armitage

Armitage's Dimension is holding a banner contest! Entries will be accepted through the end of May and then all submissions will be put up for listener vote. The winning banner will replace the current Haruhi-themed one at the top of the page!

Update!!! There are now 18 entries! Read the story to see them all and don't forget to submit your entry soon! The official forum thread for this contest is Here.

The rules are simple, create a .jpg banner measuring 700x80 pixels using a color scheme appropriate for the site. We will be able to tweak the site colors to reflect your banner if you provide RGB color values.

The official AD font is available for download Here.

Current Entries:

Submitted by Gosha

Submitted by foxmyzt

Submitted by glacier

Submitted by Grassangel

Submitted by Lord Il

Submitted by kajiuragoddess

Submitted by spiggy

Submitted by W.Ed.

Submitted by Inkognito

Submitted by vikio

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