Relay Servers Needed and New Servers!

Monday, April 07 2008 @ 02:09 PM EDT

Contributed by: Armitage

Update 5: User noone234 has set up a 34-slot aac+ relay in Texas (Relay is named "Haze") -- Have at it folks!!!

Update 4: User Hanyo has added a 25-slot MP3 relay in California! It's on the list and is ready for listeners!!!

Update 3: User Inkognito has added a 32-slot MP3 relay in Russia! I've added it to the list of servers and it's available right now!!!

Update 2: User Digiamb3 has volunteered to run a new 50-slot MP3 relay in France! It's up and running and you can access it by clicking on the "Listen" link at the top of the page. Thanks Digiamb3!!!

Update: In order to get things back on track I have purchased a 50-slot MP3 relay which is now available under the "Listen" link. If you'd like to help support the cost of these added slots, please use the "Donate" link at the bottom left. Thanks and enjoy!

I'm sure you've all noticed that most of the mp3 servers have been down for a while now. I don't know if/when they'll be back, so I'm once again asking for help from our listeners. If you have an un-metered high speed Internet connection (not Cable or DSL) with an upstream of 1.5Mbit/s or higher and think you might be able to run an Armitunes Relay, please contact me. Thanks!

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