New Songs Added, etc.

Saturday, November 24 2007 @ 04:15 PM EST

Contributed by: Armitage

The new uploads have been added to the playlist!!! You can view and request them right here!!! As usual, please clear your cache in order to see the most current playlist pages and avoid requesting incorrect song IDs. A big "thank you" goes to everyone who contributed new songs and also helped to fill in the "Incomplete" albums!

A huge thanks goes out to yehman, cereja-chan and Ken for their help in identifying track names for dozens of albums that didn't have them!!! If you look through the playlist you will find a lot of albums that previously had "track01, track02, etc." now have names! For those of you who had added these old designations to your Favorites List, you will likely have to delete them and re-add them if they no longer work properly. Sorry about that but I renamed hundreds of files :(

I have gone through all the "Songs with Errors" and "Incomplete Albums" posts and made corrections where I could.

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