New Songs Added!!!

Wednesday, September 26 2007 @ 01:44 PM EDT

Contributed by: Armitage

The new uploads have been added to the playlist!!! You can view and request them right here!!! As usual, please clear your cache in order to see the most current playlist pages and avoid requesting incorrect song IDs. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Update: the Top10 page now shows the top 10 user favorite songs for all users!

Update 2: Due to popular demand, you can now request a random !New! song from the "Song Request" page.

Update 3: The "Now Playing" block has been rewritten in PHP. It no longer relies on the ancient Perl CGI and should load a bit faster than the old version due to some memory management improvements. Please let me know if you notice any problems.

Update 4: If you recently added a Favorite Song from the "Now Playing" box at the top of the page and it doesn't request properly, you will have to delete it from your favorite list and re-add it. I made a mistake where I added the favorites to the database with all kinds of trailing whitespace and line feeds. I updated all lines in the database that contained the junk characters and removed them, so hopefully noone will have any issues though ;)

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