New Relays!!!

Monday, January 29 2007 @ 10:03 AM EST

Contributed by: Armitage

I just got word that Armitunes listener Seth has just set up two new relays; a 50 slot MP3 and a 50 slot AAC+!!! You can access the new relays using the "Click to Listen" button up top. Everyone please remember to thank Seth if you get a chance for helping A.D. to continue to grow!


Poof has added an additional mp3 relay (48 slots)! It's been added to the Click to Listen page above! Thanks for your continued support guys, this is great news for Armitunes!!!

Also, Armitunes will be hopefully receiving a new high speed fiber optic Internet connection on Monday the 12th. This should mean vastly improved web page speed as well as increased stability in the relays. Unfortunately the site and stream will be unavailable during the transition.

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